Thursday, October 11, 2007

Concept Testing, Part 2

I've by now actually read the scenario outlines for NOCO '07. These are actually available declassified through the English article on the exercise.

The exercise, to hype realism, is rather complicated. It involves a multitude of tasks, both symmetric and asymmetric, for the employed forces within an environment that involves five virtual countries.

The biggest part is probably the final exercise Honest Mediator from October 21st to 25th. It will involve:
  • - multiple symmetric air threats (Tornados)
  • - multiple asymmetric air threats (Pilatus, T17, light helos)
  • - asymmetric subscenarios (terrorists, pirates) including hostile EW and IEDs
  • - maritime interdiction operations (against smugglers)
  • - MIW operations (ocean sweeping, harbour demining, EOD at sea - with hostile mine laying both by ships and subs)
  • - special forces usage against coastal targets (from a U212A submarine)
  • - ASW operations (against the U206A and the Gotland)
  • - convoy escort missions (including of course incidents)
  • - other events: disaster relief, riot control in port and at sea, land-side attacks on ports
And the whole thing wrapped into a background involving a recent (and still hot) ceasefire between two warring nations, and NATO forces moving in peacekeepers via sealift.
The force protection requirements for involved units read almost as if they're holding this exercise somewhere in the Gulf.

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