Thursday, November 1, 2007

A reiteration of "Basis See"

As it's popped up around a couple forums, a reiteration of the concept.

The concept intends not to build a taskforce around a single base unit, but to assemble a taskforce in which every ship provides specific capabilities.

Within the stabilization forces (as these are the more interesting ones for "Basis See"):
  • Type 125 FFG: C3, MIO base, Land Attack, ASuW, Escort, transport/ASW/SAR (2 helos)
  • Type 143A FAC: ASuW, Escort, Patrol (Link 11/Palis CMS)
  • Type 212A SSK: Patrol/Surveillance, ASW, ASuW, SOF
  • Type 332 MCMV: Minehunting (Penguin B3 UUV)
  • Type 333 MCMV: Minehunting (Seefuchs I UUV), Patrol (Link 11/Palis CMS)
  • Type 352 MCMV: Minesweeping (Seehund USV), Patrol (Link 11/Palis CMS)
  • Type 404 AGS: supply, limited C3, maintenance
  • Type 702 AOR: supply, limited C3, medical, transport (78 TEU), evacuation (450 PX), transport/ASW/SAR (2 helos)
  • P-3C MPA: Patrol/Surveillance, ASuW, ASW

In the up-downward 3-tier system, the Intervention Forces lend downward support for AAW and ASW in particular, the Support Forces lend upward support with towing, supply, transport etc.

Within "Basis See", units out of the above are attached as needed.

The F125 in particular is not intended as a "mothership" of any sorts, nor is it intended to optionally have the capabilities that other units within the "Basis See" provide. The A702 EGVs have far more of such a "multi-role base" role.

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