Thursday, January 10, 2008

German Deployments Update

I did a post back in October on current German deployments.

Guess it's time for a little update there, especially quite a number of ships have rotated since then.


FGS Bayern (F217) - since Oct 07, CTG

FGS Werra (A514) - since Jan 08, FAC Castle at Limassol
FGS Puma (P1622) - rotated in Nov 07
FGS Zobel (P1625) - rotated in Nov 07

FGS Auerbach/Oberpfalz (M1093) - rotated in Sep 07
FGS Überherrn (M1095) - rotated in Sep 07

Didn't list the two MCM vessels in the last post since i was somewhat in doubt as to their actual deployment; they are not covered by the current doctrine (1 FFG + 2 FAC), and are likely to return this or next month at the latest anyway.

The two FACs might be in for a one-year tour with a "wet" crew switch again - though we won't know that before May or so.

CTF150 (Operation Enduring Freedom - Horn of Africa)

FGS Augsburg (F213) - since Sep 07, until about Feb 08

Operation Active Endeavour

FGS Alster (A50) - has been spotted in Malta a few days ago

Both submarines previously assigned returned in December. In my opinion though we're likely to see another Type 212A assigned sometime later this year again. The presence of Alster, like with her sisters, is hushed down as usual - but we can expect one of the three surveillance ships in the area at all times pretty much, also to support MTF448.

SNMG2 in the Mediterranean will apparently have multiple 3-week detachments supporting OAE as well during the next 6 months; Niedersachsen (below) is earmarked for two such detachments already.

Standing NATO fleets:

SNMG1 - FGS Rheinland-Pfalz (F209), since Nov 07
SNMG2 - FGS Niedersachsen (F208), since Jan 08

SNMCMG1 - FGS Weilheim (M1059), since Jan 08
SNMCMG2 - contribution inactive, since Jul 07

Training Cruises

FGS Hamburg (F220)
FGS Köln (F211)
FGS Berlin (A1411)
FGS Westerwald (A1435)

See this post for details on the primary EAV cruise this year.

Several other ships currently "inactive" (below) will presumably host further EAV activities over the next 6 months - in particular Hessen and Karlsruhe are likely there.

Recently returned from deployments

FGS Lübeck (F214) - from MTF448, late Nov 07
FGS Emden (F210) - from FOST at Plymouth, mid Dec 07

Scheduled for Marinearsenal

FGS Bremen (F207) - for overhaul starting around Feb 08

Recently returned from Marinearsenal

FGS Hessen (F221) - around mid Jan 08
FGS Karlsruhe (F212) - around mid Dec 07

Now, while putting the above list together, i tried to track down the other frigates. Without much success so far - i know two have been around Wilhelmshaven during the last few months, while with the other two i'm at a loss. Not that there are many left really - only four out of 15 frigates are missing, and that should say something about the workload of German ships.


FGS Brandenburg (F215) - scheduled trials in April, so she's around home
FGS Schleswig-Holstein (F216) - scheduled yard time

Under contracted-out repair work at Peene-Werft, Wolgast:
FGS Grömitz (M1064)
FGS Frettchen (P6126)
Both damaged in accidents last year.

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